Aging into Full Creativity: Helen Redman


Sometimes it is only the accumulation of a whole life that reveals the fabric of our humanity. As I look back and move forward, digitally weaving the threads of my art, I see a colorful tapestry of creative empowerment. After decades spent exploring the archetype of the Wise Woman Crone, I hope to become a “cybercrone” beyond my lifetime, providing others a close-up look at how creating art over five decades has been a personal, political and transformational journey. My site, like much of my work, recasts the elder stage of a woman’s life as a celebration of creativity rather than a crisis to be medicated with hormone therapy and cosmetic surgery. Although our culture still tosses away this third and crowning stage of female life, many of us find it to be more authentic, outrageous, powerful, funny, healing and profound than we ever imagined.

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